Prills Plus Water Beads

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This combination does not exist.

This is the key to healing, and the maintenance of health.

Lasting many years, these small beads create water that is wonderfully moisturizing, and is absorbed immediately so that every cell (be it human, animal or plant) is properly hydrated. This is the key to healing, and the maintenance of health.

Precious Prill Water is super-hydrating, and is a far superior moisturizer to common water. It will enhance your nutrient absorption & toxin elimination, and this will improve your health. It has increased oxidation reduction potential, lower surface tension, and higher pH than the water you treat, to help reduce the damage from free radicals in your body. Prill Water has alkalizing potential to raise your body's pH.

Every time some Prill Water goes down the drain, it helps restore water in your area. We help clean the waters on Earth; one person, one septic tank, one sewer system, one river and lake at a time.

Precious Prills are made of magnesium oxide infused with Life Force, and have had their vibration adjusted in The Star Chamber Factory. They do not contribute minerals, but when in contact with common water, a very energized & life giving liquid is created. They absorb impurities from water for several years. The Prills are powered by the force of Love, and really can not be compared with anything else, from any source.

Precious Prills are not meant to be a water purification device, but because the water does not support lower life forms such as germs, bacteria or fungi, it can be said to be antiseptic. Algae will grow in Prill Water and sometimes color it green.

  • Drink for superior hydration

  • Add to your bath for rejuvenation

  • Spray on hands, face, in your mouth and on your tooth brush

  • Great for cleaning baby's bottom at diaper changes

  • Clean and/or soak fruits & vegetables to enhance flavor, raw or juiced

  • Spray bottom of frying pan and/or top of the food when cooking, for added moisture

  • Spray & wipe counters and sinks to clean

  • Add to toilet tank to help clean septic systems (may corrode plastic or metal over long periods of time)

  • Add to a humidifier, as breathing Prill Water vapor helps people with a sinus or lung problem. It repels black mold, and helps eliminate odors, creating a healthier indoor environment

  • Use to extend the life of cut flowers, and to improve the health of your pets

  • Try Bath Prills (2 lb.) to make Prill Water in your bath or hot tub


Prior to initial use discard the plastic bag. Rinse the Prills for 3-5 minutes with cold water. Put the Prills into a 1 gallon glass jug (like an apple cider jug or a sun tea jar). If the bag will not fit into the jar's opening, cut the bag and pour the Prills in loose. Fill the jug with water and let sit for 24 hours. Pour up to 3 quarts of Prills water to drink, use for cooking, water plants, etc. Refill jug. Wait at least 1 hour and repeat as desired.

Note: Refrigeration is not required. If water is not used within a few weeks, a metallic taste may be noticeable. Dump the water and start the curing process again if this occurs. Variation in prill bead color is normal and part of the manufacturing process. A single bag can be used to treat up to 1000 gallons of water.