Hydrazine Sulphate

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Hydrazine Sulfate's original proponent, Dr. Joseph Gold of the Syracuse Cancer Research Institute of New York has been fighting years for acceptance of this virtually side effect free, non-toxic therapy despite the reluctance of more rigid, conventionally entrenched, orthodox practitioners who now may be taking another look at the results in both America and abroad. Comes in both 30 and 60 mg strength.

100 capsules

Patient over 55KG (125+lb) - 60 mg hy


One (1) capsule/tablet per day, 1/2 (half) hours before a meal, for three (3) days. (total 3 capsules/tablets)

On the 4th day increase dosage to two (2) capsules/tablets per day, for four (4) days (Total 8 capsules/tablets for the four day period).am/pm

On the 8th day increase dosage by one (1) capsule/tablet per day. (total capsules/tablets at this point is 3 per day).am/noon/pm

Always take the capsules on an empty stomach, just before your meal.

Upon completion of the first 100 units (capsules/tablets), wait seven (7) days before beginning the next bottle. With the second or following bottles of capsules/tablets, the maintenance dosage is two (2) tablets per day. am/pm

Maximum recommended dosage is 3 capsules/tablets in any 24 hour period, but may be adjusted on advice by your health care professional.