Conductive Pad

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Made of conductive foam with high skin tolerance for use in localizing your zapping to any area you desire.

Includes one (1) pad

A Point Contact Pad is made of electrically conductive foam and can be used with, or in place of, the typical wrist straps or handholds supplied with most Zappers. Wrist straps cause skin irritation for many people and can be unusable because of the discomfort. With the Point Contact Pad you can place it anywhere you choose, not just on the wrists, so you can prevent wrist irritation and localize the zapping to the areas you feel most need it.

The pad needs to be kept moist while zapping, just like wrist straps. It also has to be held in place so you will have to provide some type of band, strap, piece of clothing, etc. to keep it in contact with the skin.

Note that this is only one pad. If you want to completely replace your wrist straps you need to purchase two pads. It is perfectly okay to use one pad and one wrist strap, or any combination desired.

The Point Contact Pad uses 1/4" dome snaps so it can be used with most of our zappers. However, it will not work with the RSG-4 Sweep Zapper or the Terminator Zapper.