Basic Zapper

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    This effective, simple zapper is endorsed by zapper expert Don Croft. The best part? It's only $35.

    This amazingly simple zapper is fantastic for anyone who wants to try zapping without making a big investment. Endorsed by zapper expert Don Croft, it is also unparalleled when it comes to ease-of-use. It pulses at a frequency range of 14 to 16 Hz. depending on the state of the nine-volt battery's charge.

    The Basic Zapper has the same circuitry as the Croft Terminator Zapper. It doesn't have all the subtle-energy upgrades as the Terminator, but it doesn't have the higher price tag either. Since the main work of zapping is parasite cleansing, this Basic Zapper is very effective - it takes Dr. Clark's zapper technology and condenses it all the way down to an elegantly simple device.

    Slip it into a sock, tuck it in your waistband, be creative! Printed instructions for the Basic Zapper are included with your order.

    The best part? It's only $35.