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    acetoCARE™ is a professional formula scientifically designed to restore essential nutrients lost due to stress, aging, and disease. This therapeutic formula contains 16 vitamins, 8 macro and 72 trace minerals, 32 herbs, and a patented Enzyme Delivery System. When used as adjunct therapy for certain diseases, acetoCARE assists to greatly reduce negative side-effects and patient suffering.

    Unlike common, over-the-counter multivitamins, the higher potency and proprietary ingredients in acetoCARE™ offer greater nutritional benefits. acetoCARE™ has been formulated to enhance bones/muscles, brain/memory, heart/circulatory function, mood, eyesight, metabolism, immune system, hormone support and digestive system.

    Please review the clinical information provided or you can download a PDF file on the product.

    acetoCARE FAQ

     What is in acetoCARE?

    acetoCARE is a therapeutic dose of vitamins, minerals, and plant based nutrients blended together into a nutritional shake that is easy to use. Some of the plants in acetoCARE have proven clinical studies showing anti-cancer and/or anti-tumor properties, and one of the plants acts as an ATP inhibitor within rapid growth cancer cells.

    When taking acetoCARE, do I have to choose between medical and holistic doctors?
    No, you can choose to take both approaches. There are many studies showing that nutritional therapy taken with radiation or chemotherapy assists in overall patient care. If you decide to use acetoCARE, we have a letter for the oncologist or medical professional to help him or her understand how the acetoCARE works and what to expect.
    How effective is it?

    To date, we have had two clinical studies. One on MDR stage IV breast cancer involving 210 patients showing a 93% Remission rate and a Phase 2 clinical study on high Gleason grade prostate cancer involving 60 patients showing a 98% remission rate. We also have several hundred case studies from Japan and a few in Korea as well on a wide variety of rapid growth cancers.

    These case studies combined show on average a 76% response rate. No claims to cure cancer can be made. This is a medical food that should be administered with your doctor’s consent.

    How is this different from a drug?

    acetoCARE is not a drug. It is classified as a Medical Food.

    Most drugs and even most supplements are synthetically derived isolated of something. Absorption is typically very low for vitamin supplements. acetoCARE is derived only from food based ingredients and 100% plant parts or natural extracts. Many of these ingredients have medicinal properties. acetoCARE was formulated specifically for mid to late stage cancers where low nutrient absorption may become an issue. acetoCARE with its patented AES (Assimilation Enhancing System) allows you to absorb the nutrients thus providing better immune support, digestive support and overall health and well being.

    If I have surgery, should I stop taking the acetoCARE?

    With surgery, just as with any food, you should be able to use the product with your doctor’s consent until the day before surgery. You can begin the
    acetoCARE again after surgery once your doctor tells you that you are able to eat again.

    I heard that sometimes with acetoCARE, cancer markers rise. Why?

    Do not be alarmed if cancer markers double after four to six weeks on the protocol.

    Cancer markers are antigen markers. Higher markers do not mean the cancer is worse. These markers will rise allowing the body begins to produce more antibodies to fight the cancer. Since acetoCARE also works as an ATP inhibitor within the cancer cell, dying or dead cells can create a rise in antigens. In both of our studies, we saw markers drop significantly after the third and fourth month.

    Typically, we tell our users to expect to be on ACETOCARE for six months to one year. Once there is no cancer detected and the antigen markers are low, continue with healthy eating and monitored supplement usage.

    Since ACETOCARE is Nutritional support all types of cancer patients can use the product.

    It was specially formulate for the “wasting diseases” of cachexia and sarcopenia, however, even early stage patients have benefited from the additional nutritional support. As well, one of the active ingredients in ACETOCARE has multiple clinical studies showing it to be an ATP inhibitor within the cancer cell. If the cancer is a type that consumes large amount of ATP (rapid growth cancers) then ACETOCARE can be an effective adjunct treatment.

    Regarding the ATP inhibition, there is no research on lymphomas or leukemic cancers so you should consult with your physician if you have anything other than a carcinoma, melanoma or a blastoma.

    We have educational materials to further explain how ACETOCARE works in the body. Feel free to request a copy from our office. In the most simplest of terms, ACETOCARE limits energy to rapidly growing cells (like cancer cells) via the glycogen pathways. At the same time we boost immune function and provide nutrients to healthy cells. Normal cells can produce ATP via multiple pathways and do not rely wholly on glucose.

    We have a list of summary reports of our two studies as well as dozens of documents on studies for each ingredient of ACETOCARE. Feel free request this list from our office.

    Are there any contraindications?

    We have not found any contraindications to acetoCARE to date.

    In both clinical studies, patients taking acetoCARE actually had a huge reduction in side effects, felt more energy and an increase in overall quality of life. In case studies, patients who continued on with chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy also had a reduction in treatment related symptoms, better regulation of RBC and WBC counts during chemo and many late stage cancer patients had an improvement in cachexia and sarcopenia symptoms.

    No. Placental cells grow as rapidly as cancer cells and are mostly dependent on glycogen pathways for ATP production. ACETOCARE limits ATP and thus will interrupt a pregnancy. DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT!

    ACETOCARE was made to be a stand-alone product. Though there are no contraindications with other supplements except in mega doses, the only other supportive supplements would be perhaps Omega Fatty Acids (EFAs ) in the form of fish oil.

    Dietary Guidelines or suggestions are listed on the ACETOCARE Protocol form. Our “Healthy Eating” protocol gives additional ideas of nutritional foods to eat. Whole foods and freshly squeezed juices will use less energy to digest and assimilate thus they are recommended. Whole foods will also have a cleansing effect on the body and reduce toxin loads that can build up due to eating processed and refined foods. The energy saved in more efficient digestion helps in the healing process. Reducing or elimination meat and dairy (like pasteurized milk) intake frees up more energy for digestion and reduces inflammation allowing your immune system to focus on healing. Eliminate all white foods from the diet including white sugar, white flour, white rice, and most dairy products. Cancer is a lifestyle disease and though ACETOCARE may be an effective treatment for cancer, we ask you to change your lifestyle as well so that the possibility of reoccurrence is reduced or eliminated.