Formulation Notes: Interview with Tracy |
Formulation Notes: Interview with Tracy


Tell us your name and your professional background?

My name is Dr. Tracy Gibbs, I have a doctorate (PhD) in pharmacognosy (pharmacognosy is the study of plants or other natural sources as a possible source of drugs: ). I followed undergraduate studies in Utah; then Nagoya Graduate School of Health Sciences (Japan). I lived in Japan for many years and am fluent in Japanese.

How did you become interested in the formulation of health products?

At the age of 22 I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. I had taken a class in nephrology. Due to some of the topics discussed in that class, I got the idea that enzymes should be able to help the kidney and adrenals. I made myself a blend of digestive enzymes and the condition normalized. When I met with a doctor friend of mine around that time, he asked me what I had done to cure myself. This led to me launching the first product with him at the age of 23. This was before the times of the internet, so in order to find suppliers and manufacturers, we had to go to trade shows. I then founded Health Education Corporation. The company JMS in Japan helped consult with people’s diets. They showed interest in a product for hypoglycemia and became my largest client. By the time I was 24, I turned over $600k.

You got your PhD in Japan. Has your affinity for Asia influenced your career choice and how you approach the natural products market?

The 1990ies were the wild west for dietary supplements. There were almost no regulations in place (GMP, DSHEA). Before the internet it was quite a challenge to find good manufacturers, and with the lack of regulations in manufacturing all the more. Japan was already much stricter at the time. So focusing on high quality manufacturers and products was a necessity for me even back then.


acetoCare is a product developed for cancer. It has been studied in several clinical studies and has shown very favorable results, with high remission rates.

At what point did you become interested in developing a product to treat cancer?

In the year 1999, a friend from high school came down with pancreatic cancer. He had a wife and two kids. He called me to ask for advice. From research in Japan I remembered the anti-cancer activity of acetogenins. I bought ingredients and sent them to my friend. He took all I sent to him and though his doctor said he still had cancer, he felt healthy! When his wife called me after 2 years, I thought maybe now he had died of the cancer after all, but she just called to say that they had just booked a cruise and to thank me. After that I formulated a product with the ingredients that had worked for my friend. I first called it The Amazon Factor. My friend is still alive, now 20 years later. It must be noted that pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive types of cancer: the 5-year survival rate for stage 4 is under 3%. That is with surgery and all available treatments. It is virtually a death sentence.

Tell us about this anticancer product: composition, effects, types of cancers treated, successes, side effects. Does this product have benefit for most or all cancers, or only for some cancers?

Acetogenins target ATP synthase in the hydrogen pump within these glycogen pathways, thus inhibiting the conversion of ADP into ATP within the cancer cell. That applies to all carcinomas, blastomas and melanomas. Though we have not done any research, there is anecdotal evidence that it might work with certain types of leukemias as well.

Side effects are few. There is often fatigue in the first month, but that is probably just detoxing 

from chemo. It does not always occur and the patient normally feels more energetic after the first few weeks. 

How much time does it usually take to start seeing results with this product? When improving, for how long should the patient keep taking this product?

In the studies that were done, breast cancer took 3-4 months for a significant effect and 6 months for remission. Other cancers like brain, pancreatic, etc. could take a couple of years. Prostate cancer, on which one study was done, is usually in remission within 6 months. The products is designed to be taken until remission. After one year then it is time to think of moving on to other products for general health such as the multivitamins, antioxidants, etc. 

Is it compatible with chemotherapeutic treatments and with other natural cancer treatments?

It can be combined with pretty much anything: its mode of action does not interfere with that of the known chemo drugs. A frequent report from patients who follow a chemotherapy protocol at the same time is that their appetite improves, which is important considering many cancer patients suffer from Cachexia.

During the treatment with your product, do you recommend any modification in habits: diet, exercise, rest, etc.?

The patients in the studies were specifically asked not to make any special changes to their diet to better assess the effectiveness of the product by itself. There is a suggested dietary protocol. It is a rather simple common-sense protocol based on nutrient density: cut mostly white foods (pasta, breads, cereals, white sugar for example), and most meats. Try to eat at least three colors with each meal.

Is it effective even in cases of metastasized cancer?

Yes. The hospice in Japan that did one of the studies had a 53% remission rate. A hospice is a place where hopeless patient go to die!

Can children take this product, too? What would the dosage be?

We have not done a study but I believe it is safe. Some children have taken it. Adjust the dosage to body weight. Also, heavy patients should take more according to their weight. The normal adult dosage is two sachets per day.

Can it be given to dogs or other animals? What would the dosage be?

There is no data on it. It should work on the mechanism of cancers the same way, but the ingredients would have to be checked, whether they are suitable for the species. acetoCare contains garlic, for example, which some sources claim is not safe for dogs, even though that is contentious.


AES is a patented formula which can be added to other supplements for better absorption.

What is your patented AES compound? How did you come up with the idea for the formulation? What is it, how does it work, how did you create it, what is it used for?

I started adding enzymes to supplements because people who were not getting the expected result with supplements, when they also took enzymes, the other products started working. Minerals activate enzymes. I researched mineral activates which enzyme, and came up with formula: the minerals activate the enzymes, and the enzymes help the absorption of the other supplements. We did a study on the improved absorption, and that became the AES patent. It helps absorption and utilization of nutrients and active ingredients.

Does it work to improve absorption of herbal compounds also, or only nutrients?

It will work with and carbohydrate, protein und fat based nutrient.

Why do you not package AES and the other enzyme products in stomach acid resistant capsules?

Whether an enzyme is sensitive to stomach acidity depends on the enzyme. Most animal and plant based enzymes will be destroyed in an acid environment. But fungal enzymes are not affected! The enzymes used in AES and metaZyme etc. are activated in a very wide pH range, between 1.7 pH and 11 pH. They work in virtually any environment.

Does it influence the pharmacokinetics for people who take pharmaceutical drugs?

It does, when taken with the AES. When you leave a few hours between taking AES and the drug, it will not influence the pharmacokinetics of the drug. This is mostly a worry for drugs with a very narrow therapeutic range. The efficacy can be 10% higher. For some drugs this might be beneficial.


cardioMin is a product developed for the heart and circulatory system and also clinically verified.

What is the underlying mechanism of how this product influences triglycerides, LDL, and other heart and circulatory system related blood values?

cardioMin contains 72 trace minerals. The mode of action is not entirely known. I realized that lack of trace elements is a major factor for disease, including for example hypertension. The importance of vanadium and chromium for diabetes, for example, is well documented. We started selling this product as a 72 trace mineral product, and the feedback we got was that heart related blood values were improving dramatically with it. In the study we focused on LLDL and LDL cholesterol, and trigylcerides. The markers improved better than with prescription drugs!

Its effect was not limited to heart and circulatory aspects, though. We also got a lot of feedback on other conditions.

During the treatment, do you recommend any diet changes?

In the study the patient were fed the standard hospital diet, which as you know is not a great diet. It worked anyway. Certainly, a better diet taken with it will be beneficial for the condition and overall health.

How long does it take to see results usually?

The studies were done over the course of 2 months. The product can be taken on an on-going basis.


What was metaZyme developed for, and how does it work?

I developed the metaZyme from my original enzyme formula that I took to cure my own hypoglycemia. I adjusted the amounts and added a trace mineral blend in powder form. That was in 1996. I added more protease to ensure the proteins were broken down.

metaZyme is a basic enzyme and mineral formula that can be taken for many purposes. It will especially also improve digestion. As one example, based on customer feedback we realize that metaZyme was improving uric acid levels. We did a clinical study on that to support that claim and it worked very well.

Can it be taken on an on-going basis?

All my products can be taken on an on-going basis with great benefit.


glucoZyme is a product developed for diabetics and pre-diabetics, to improve their blood sugar levels.

With 15% of the US adult population suffering from diabetes, this is an extremely important product. Being that diabetes is diet related, does this product work all by itself, or does it need to be combined with diet adjustments?

Once again, the studies were done with no change in diet whatsoever.  However of course it is known that type 2 diabetes is mostly diet related, and so most patients will want to improve their diet.

Does it have any effects beyond improving the blood sugar values?

It increases insulin sensitivity and improves digestion.

Can this product be taken in combination with the standard diabetes medications; and does that make sense?

It is no problem to combine it with Glucophage (metformin), but due to the improving blood values, the dosage of the drug must often be reduced. Due to that, at the beginning a roller coaster is possible. This is frowned upon, but it takes the body about 3 weeks to adjust. Some diabetics have to find a new routine for testing. These effects are really just showing the effectivity of the product, but the patient must be aware that they may go through a few weeks of adjusting.

Should pre-diabetics take this product, or only patients with a manifest diabetes?

The product should also be taken by pre-diabetics. Probably they will need a lower dosage: while diabetics are advised to take 2 capsules with each meal, 1 capsule with each meal will probably suffice for most pre-diabetics.

Is this a product that should be taken daily on an on-going basis?

You take it on an on-going basis until you have changed your diet to control the diabetes.

Does this product do anything for people with type I diabetes?

It is not really designed for type 1 diabetics. It will, however help flatten the blood sugar curve, and some type 1 patients may need to inject less insulin.

mobiPlex (Total Mobility Complex)

mobiPlex is designed for the musculoskeletal system, especially joints and bone density.

What is the mechanism of this product? Is it designed to improve bone density only or does it have additional beneficial effects?

It consists of the AES patent plus bromelain and protease against inflammation. It also works against pain thanks to the addition of Devil’s Claw, Queen of the Meadow, and Boswellia. And it helps the body build collagen.

We did a study on bond density in cooperation with Wal-Mart in Utah. The employees could take a bone density scan and if they had a bone density measure of -1.5 or lower, which is considered osteopenia, could take part in the study. They took mobiPlex for 6 months and were 

retested for bone density. The results were dramatic: most test subjects moved from osteopenia to a normal bone density score.

totalDetox (Total Body Detox)

What is totalDetox and who is it designed for?

I originally designed this product for alcoholics. Their livers are always severely impacted. The value we tested in the study was AST. The results were highly significant. However, the product is called totalDetox because it helps eliminate better through all 5 elimination organs: liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin.

This product us for anyone who wants to improve detoxification, but especially for those who live in cities that have high air pollution, or consume foods with pesticides, or anyone with any significant sources of toxicity. In this day and age, unfortunately, that is almost all of us.

It is best taken at night, 1-2 caps at bedtime, because the night is the body’s main elimination time period. It can also be taken in the mornings for better bowel movement.

The P-L-A-N

When I looked at the functions of all supplements on the market, I realized they can really all be classified into 4 categories. The first letters of those 4 categories spell out the word plan, and my advice is to have a complete nutritional plan that covers all 4 categories. A video on this can be found here: 

The 4 categories to be considered for the personal health PLAN are:

Purification (e.g. totalDetox)

Longevity (e.g. OPC Plus)

Assimilation (e.g. metaZyme)

Nutrition (e.g. Nano Multi)